January 02, 2019 5 min read

A new year is upon us and it’s time to reaffirm our commitment to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. This year, the best thing we can give to ourselves as part of our journey towards holistic growth is to commit to the plans and goals that we have set for ourselves that will allow us to be successful in our quest to live a better quality of life.

Recommit To Yourself

When the new year ends and all of the holiday festivities have come to a close, you are left wondering if you’ve lived up to your expectations of living a healthy lifestyle throughout the entire holiday season. Whatever the case may be - whether you were successful in committing to a healthy menu over the holidays or you gave in a little bit to the other good things in life that you may have wanted to do away with - there’s always the new year to reaffirm your commitments and eat healthier this 2019.

Re-evaluate Your Goalsknowing what your plans are for the next few months is crucial in creating a routine that will allow you to see your plans through. Setting aside time to re-evaluate your goals and writing them down will help you in determining what your next steps will be. The first is to determine if you have been satisfied with the results of how your diet during the past year, and find out if it is in your best interest to stay in that diet or if you need to find another one that is more suited to your lifestyle and daily activities.

Find Your Balancewanting to commit to a plan for the whole year might seem daunting, and looking back, you may realize that you were not able to stay true to your goals because you were overwhelmed by all the adjustments that you had to do in order to achieve and maintain your goals in a limited amount of time. Keep in mind that living a healthy lifestyle is not a one time thing, it is a process and a continued choice to choose the right things for yourself. Finding your balance and knowing that you don’t need to rush and stress yourself out over the changes that you want to see into fruition will help you in being more faithful to your goals in the long haul.

Re-evaluating your personal goals will help you keep you focused on the things that you need to prioritize

Improving your lifestyle is not a race, it's a continuous process that will evolve and change overtime

Keeping a journal can help you track your progress and it also helps to keep you on track

Set A Standardone of the best ways to track how far you’re going is for you to set a standard that you think you can stick to throughout your entire healthy lifestyle journey. It may mean following an eating schedule by practicingintermittent fasting or following a diet such as theketogenic diet or apaleo diet. It can even be deciding togo all organic on your food or deciding to go forplant-based meat substitutes for most of your meals. By setting a standard, you are able to monitor your progress with how accurately you have been living up to what you would like to do more of this 2019.

Commitment To Be More Active

Part of a healthy lifestyle is definitely a more active daily routine. It doesn’t mean getting more things done at work or accomplishing more chores within the day - keep in mind that those do not count towards your goal to be more physically active. What you need to determine is what workout would work best for your schedule and how flexible you would like to be in terms of your workout routine. There’s nothing more stressful than not having a concrete plan about your workout style and your schedule.

Finding Timechoosing your workout goes hand in hand with finding a spot in your schedule for it. It has to be a non-negotiable: you need to include the workout in your day to day activities. You can start with a quick workout of 15 minutes per day until you get the hang of it until it progresses into longer periods and it becomes more physically demanding. You want to make sure that your body will get used to the rigor of working out and finding its place in your schedule is something that you need to consider when choosing the workout that will work best for you.

Making time for your workout in your routine ensures that you will be able to do it on a regular basis

Choosing a workout routine that you enjoy is one of the best ways to ensure consistency and continuity

Eating healthy is a great way of supporting an active lifestyle

Choosing Your Workoutin deciding on what workout you would like to do, making sure that it fits into your schedule is incredibly important. For you to be able to establish a workout routine, it needs to find a place in your schedule that won’t change no matter how busy you may get. You might want to consider doingcalisthenics because this type of workout is something that you can do wherever you go. This works best for those who travel constantly for work or those who would like to workout early in the day before going to work.Yoga is another workout that you can do wherever you are, and it has the dual effect of relaxing your mind in preparation for the things that you will be tackling throughout the day or to wind down your body towards the end of the night. It’s incredibly important that you enjoy your workout because not only will you be doing it for an extended period of time, you also want to reduce the chances of you feeling stressed with the idea of working out.

Improve Your Eating Habits when you start developing a workout routine, you will feel the change in your body’s need for food. It’s important to note that doing yourtraining while on a diet is a great way of making sure that your body has the fuel it needs for the activities that it is planning to do. Eating the right type of food and developing a healthy eating habit is crucial in reaping the benefits of your workout routines. They go hand in hand in helping you achieve your goals in your healthy lifestyle journey.

Setting Goals For Yourself

Remember, your goal is to be able to set a routine that will eventually turn into a lifestyle. It takes at least two months to form a new habit and a much longer time to turn it into a lifestyle. So take it easy, gear up, and be confident that you can pull it through. You are only limited by the limit you put on yourself and pushing yourself in a healthy way to achieve the results you want will not only give you the results you’ve been waiting for, it will also be incredibly satisfying.