December 17, 2018 6 min read

Celebrating The Holidays With Sustainability In Mind

The holidays are filled with many familiar scents and flavors. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it also happens to be that one time of the year where we feel we have the license to let go of our resolution to live a healthy lifestyle in favor of all the merriment around us. While we may not necessarily want to forego our healthy choices, there are instances where we may feel like things are beyond our control. We may not want to impose on others so we make do with what we can. But what if there was a way to bring together a merry holiday season and your healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle?

Celebrating In Style

When the holidays arrive, there’s a big chance that people will want to celebrate it exactly the way they’re used to - big, delicious portions of Holiday favorites, sweet treats, and of course, exchanging gifts with friends and family. But this holiday season, you may want to consider changing things up to make it even more special and a lot more sustainable. There are many things you can do to make this holiday season not just a merry one, but a healthy celebration of life, family, and friends.

In preparing for the holiday festivities, knowing that you have options to choose from and keeping in mind your goals for the holiday season will not only keep you faithful to what you want to achieve, it will also make the challenge of achieving it a lot more exciting. Always keep in mind your family’s needs and wants for the holidays and intertwine these with the new goals you have in mind in order to make your holiday celebrations a lot more memorable.

Celebrating with friends and family can be fun and eco-friendly

Changing Up Your Celebration Style

This holiday, it’s good to remember that after that one day of celebration, you will have to clean up the leftovers and your life will continue to go on. So why not make sure that your holiday celebrations won’t have a huge impact on your normal day to day activities? Mindful celebration is a wonderful thing to do during the holiday season, and it can definitely be as stylish and enjoyable way of celebrating the holidays.

Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Solutions - while it may be nice to look at gifts wrapped in colorful paper and big ribbons, the amount of waste that it adds in the landfill during the holidays should be enough for you to want to reconsider your gift wrapping style. Consider using kraft paper or brown bags to use as your wrapper of choice, and personalize them using your own brand of creativity with the use of crayons, paint, and whatever medium you fancy. You can also opt to wrap your gifts in old newspapers and using twine to make them look a little fancier, or you can choose to give gifts in reusable containers that will definitely amp up the gift giving value.

Using recycled materials to wrap your gifts with is a great way of teaching kids about sustainability.

An organic tree is an eco-friendly way of spreading the holiday cheer while still keeping Mother Nature in mind

Giving gifts that can be used again and again is always a great idea

Go Organic With Your Tree - for those who will be celebrating Christmas, consider getting a tree that’s chemical-free. A lot of tree farms use pesticides and colorants to get the trees up and ready for the holiday season, but there are a growing number of farms that are going organic. The reason behind this is that these chemical-laden trees may cause adverse health effects if the chemicals used to grow them are inhaled. Find out where your organic tree farms are located and consider purchasing your tree from them. You can choose to cut down your own tree as a family activity or you can choose to buy a living to tree to be planted into your yard that you can use year after year, and will be a definite staple in your holiday activities. If you do decide to purchase a tree and would need to dispose of it after the holidays, check out christmas tree recycling programs in your area that can help you turn your trees into wood chips or mulch.

Eco-Friendly Gifts - buying gifts that encourage an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle is a great way of jumpstarting your family and friends’ journey towards living conscientiously. Consider giving a reusable water bottle with filter, a mess kit that they can use when eating out to avoid the use of single-use plastic, or even a bokashi bucket that will allow them to compost from within the comforts of their own home and which can help them in building their own herb garden. Choosing gifts that will last for a long period of time do not only offer great value for money, it also helps to educate people about lifestyle choices that can encourage a healthier and more eco-friendly way of living.

Celebrating With A Deliciously Healthy Feast

Food is a central part of any celebration which means being mindful of what you serve to your friends and family is a great way of showing how much you care about them and how much effort you are willing to put forth to make your holiday feast delicious, healthy, and unforgettable.

Serving With A Healthy Theme - when you prepare your menu for the holidays, consider doing a theme that’s not only delicious, but also incredibly healthy. A grazing table is a great way of styling your buffet table with a huge variety of fruits, cheese, nuts, meats, and grains that will encourage people to eat raw and delicious food while the holiday activities are ongoing. You can also do a Mediterranean-style menu that’s good for parties with mostly adult guests because of how heart-friendly the mediterranean diet is touted to be, and be sure that your drinks list is composed of healthy beverage choices that are not only meant to keep you refreshed, they’re also bound to give you amazing health benefits.

Fill The Stockings With Better Treats - the one thing kids look forward to during the holidays is the content of their stockings. But just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to go with the usual sweets and candies. You may want to consider giving them healthy snack packs that they can munch on while opening their presents or while doing holiday activities, or you can choose to give them homemade cookies made with a healthy twist. You can also choose to make your own vitamin gummies that aren’t only sweet, they’re also pretty healthy.

Serving healthy food to your family is one of the best ways to show them just how much they mean to you

Upgrade your stocking fillings with healthy snack items

Sharing what you have with others makes the holidays merrier and more memorable

Saving Some For Others - this holiday season, there will be people who won’t be able to celebrate the way you do. Consider sharing some of your budget for your holiday feast to your local shelter that will provide the homeless and the displaced with some holiday cheer. Better yet, share some of your time with them in celebrating during the holidays, particularly with the veterans and those who live in nursing homes who can do with a little more joy during one of the happiest times of the year.

Celebrating Love and Kindness

The holidays are meant to remind us of the things that matter the most. Celebrating the holidays with a conscious awareness of how we can improve the lives of those closest to us and of how we can help in making things a little better and brighter in the days to come is a wonderful testament of the love and kindness that we have received throughout the year.

Happy holidays!

The holidays is not just an excuse to celebrate, it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love and kindness with the people you love and cherish, and to share the blessings you have received to those around you.

From the very bottom of our hearts, Lark Ellen Farm wishes you a happy, wonderful holiday season. May your light touch on many more people and may you be showered with more blessings and love in the years to come.