January 21, 2019 7 min read

The zero waste movement has started and more and more people are jumping into the idea that living a life with a conscious awareness of how it impacts our planet is not just a great idea, it’s one of the best things that we have collectively come to think about. This movement has been going on for years under different names and only now has the tipping point been reached and people have become keener on saving Mother Earth.

What Is The Zero Waste Movement?

The zero waste movement has recently picked up traction as people became more aware of global warming and of the effects of the excessive use of non-biodegradable material and carbon footprint has on this rapidly occurring event. People have come to the conclusion that using earth-friendly and biodegradable products is the only way to go if we ever want to combat the growing threat of global warming and the waning supply of natural resources that we can use to maintain a sustainable life.

The zero waste movement is more than just a trend because of how it actually affects not just the way people are being more conscious shoppers, but it has also created a change in the way people prepare their meals, how people find ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and in how people are willing to make little sacrifices just to make this world a little bit better. It is more than just a trend because it has, in fact, become a way of life for a lot of people and many more are on their way to doing the same thing.

Approximately 230 million tons of trash is generated each day in the US alone.

The zero waste movement has also urged companies into making more ecological choices with the way they market and sell their goods. Banning the use of single use plastics is just one step in support of the movement, and the numbers of zero waste shops are starting to have a strong presence in different parts of the globe as a result of the clamor for more eco-friendly choices that are accessible to consumers everywhere. It has become a point of discussion in many forums and is fast becoming one of the main driving forces for the innovation of new products that will fit into this emerging lifestyle.

Conscious Consumerism

When you go out and decide to buy items with the after effects of each item purchased in mind, you become a conscious consumer. You want to determine whether the item you bought was made ethically, if it’s organic, and if it comes in packaging that’s biodegradable. However, choosing the good and ethically made products usually comes with a price. Rarely will you find eco-friendly products that come at a bargain price which is why switching to a zero waste lifestyle is a daunting task for a lot of people.

Buying from the farmer's market helps reduce waste from the packaging you get when you buy from groceries.

Choosing to prepare your own food helps minimize waste because you are able to better control your portions

Starting a compost in your own home to use for your own garden is one way of preventing unnecessary waste from going to landfills

However, there are ways to manage the expenses even when you’ve decided to make more informed decisions with the things that you purchase or the services that you use. One way is to avoid eating out. When you eat or have food delivered to you, the food usually comes in a packaging lined with water-resistant lining that cannot be recycled. You also cannot be sure where they get their produce and other ingredients. By buying your own raw ingredients and cooking them at home, you not only save money, you are also ensured of the quality of the ingredients that you put into your own food. You are also made aware of not just the environmental impacts of your food choices; you also become more aware of how healthy your food options are.

Another way of reducing carbon footprint is by buying in bulk and learning how to best store your food to allow you to use them when needed without having to worry about spoilages. Buying in bulk reduces the number of plastics that you buy alongside each item that you purchased, and it also minimizes the number of trips that you have to do on your way to the grocery. You can also opt to to buy directly from farmers markets where the produce are not packed and you can place the items you’ve bought in reusable containers. These reusable containers are very useful in living a zero waste lifestyle because you can use them again and again for different purposes.

You can also opt to start your own vegetable garden where you can harvest your own produce for your own consumption. In this way, you’re assured that the food you and your family will eat are organic and ethically made, and that they are always fresh. You can even make your own fertilizers using used coffee grounds, or by starting abokashi bucket to make your own compost using food scraps from your own kitchen. Knowing your options will not only make it easier for you to switch to this lifestyle, it will help in making the switch more successful too.

What You Can Do To Be Zero Waste

When you decide to go for a zero waste lifestyle, the two things that you will definitely consider are how eco-friendly the products are and how you can dispose of any residual packaging that comes with your purchase. While going for eco-friendly packaging is the number one priority in a zero waste lifestyle, there are those small pieces of plastic that you will eventually come across with. Knowing what you can do for them to fit into your lifestyle is important. Knowing about fair trade products, organic products, and how to upcycle and recycle items is crucial in this lifestyle shift.

Fair Trade items that were made with ethical harvesting and production in mind go great with the zero waste lifestyle because they usually have a packaging return policy or their products are wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. Fair Trade companies not only prefer that they use organic materials in their products, they also ensure that the producers of these organic products are fairly compensated which is why the Fair Trade system is able to sustain a continued use of eco-friendly methods for their products. You can find a list of fair trade companieshere.

Going for fair trade helps in reducing waste because the process they go through before, during, and after sale follow ecological practices

Buying organic produce ensures that ecological farming practices are followed thus reducing carbon footprint

Finding ways to reuse and recycle plastic materials helps in reducing the amout of waste we produce

Going for organic products is another way of pursuing an eco friendly lifestyle because you get to support local farmers who follow farming practices that avoid the use of herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals in their produce. This also means that the carbon footprints of the said products are lower and therefore, it points in the direction of a more sustainable farming practice. It keeps the soil healthy and the people healthy which is what we need in order to maintain a balanced world. The use of organic ingredients in personal hygiene products and in clothing are great news for those who are looking for alternatives to chemically laden, and therefore high carbon footprint, commercialized products.

Doing ecobricks is another way of supporting your zero waste lifestyle. Ecobricks are made from scrap plastics that have been cleaned and cut into pieces and stuffed into PET bottles. These ecobricks can then be used to create furniture or even create houses because they are strong and sturdy. There is aguideline to be followed when doing ecobricks because there is a standard to be upheld to ensure the quality of the ecobricks. This is also a great way of teaching kids about upcycling to avoid adding more wastes to already-filled dumpsites. It also helps to make them aware that they can do something fun and enjoyable as part of the zero waste lifestyle.

Using reusable and sturdy containers for food and other things in our homes removes the need for single use plastic

Purchasing from zero-packaging stores assures you that you won't be getting unnecessary waste with your grocery items

Using personal hygiene products that can be used for a long time also helps in reducing your need for single use plastic products

You can also opt to use reusable packaging for the things you buy, or buy products that aren’t made for single use only. Reusable packaging containers that are freezer safe and food grade will not only help in reducing the plastics that you consume through your purchases, it also helps in keeping your food safe from spoilage and allows you to allocate your food consumption properly. Single use products such as plastic razors can also be avoided by using shaving kits that can be used over and over again. Theserazor kits andepilators are designed to be used for a long period of time and are able to guarantee a clean shave every time. The opportunity to go zero-waste in the different aspects of your life is very much possible when you think about things in the long-term.

Choosing A Lifestyle That Supports Mother Earth

We only have one planet to live in and it is our duty to take care of it the best way we can. As the only ones who have the actual capacity to destroy and or to take care of our environment with our innovations, it is the collective duty of everyone to make sure that we make the right choices that will help in preserving what we have.

At Lark Ellen Farm, we love Mother Earth and we are thankful for the abundance that she so readily shares with us. This is why we want to do our best in making sure that we support lifestyles that are not just good for the person, but good for the earth as well. Our products are made using organic ingredients and we offer the option of having your items shipped over in biodegradable plastic to be placed in ourEarth Friendly Kit. All your subsequent orders will then be sent in similar biodegradable plastic packaging to refill your personal jar.

Our Earth Friendly Kit was created with the environment and with sustainability in mind

Our products are certified organic and were created to make the most out of the blessings we get from our planet

We all have what it takes to make an impact and a difference in the preservation of our planet. We only need to know our options and make informed choices in order for us to make the right decisions. The decision to care for our home is an easy one, and it is something that we at Lark Ellen Farm, are definitely on board with.