February 13, 2019 6 min read

Every single day, we wake up and immediately think of the things that we need to be doing for the rest of the day. Waking up and going into reactive mode isn’t actually all that productive and there are things that you can do to jumpstart your day full of energy that’s ready to accomplish all the challenges of your usual grind.

Preparing Your Day With A Good Night’s Sleep

When you lack sleep, you feel sluggish the entire day and you feel like you could use a few pitchers of coffee just to get you moving and to give you that energy boost you think you need to get through your day. In reality, getting enough sleep is all you need to get things done and to allow you to accomplish all the things that you would want to do in order to consider your day productive.

Starting your day from the night before is a great way of ensuring that the rest of your day will bear the fruits that you would like to see. Start by having a sleep routine and sticking with it. Making sure that you have at least seven to nine hours of sleep per day is crucial in giving your body time to rest, heal, and re-energize itself for the things that you will be doing the following day. Avoid eating heavy meals at least three hours before bedtime and allow yourself time to wind down and detach yourself from the things that you did or did not do during the day. Having a set time for sleeping and waking up stabilizes your body’s circadian rhythm, the internal clock of your body that tells you when it’s time to rest and when it’s time for work.

Getting enough sleep means that your body is going to have the energy it needs to jumpstart your day the right way

By having a routine that prepares you for bedtime, your body is able to slow down and anticipate the rest that you will be having and it will be easier for you to fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillows.Meditation is a great way of capping off a busy day, and it’s also a great way of freeing yourself albeit momentarily from the stresses that has hounded you all throughout the day. Having a routine effectively allows you to efficiently plan your day so that you know and are assured that even the most stressful days will come to an end.

Have A Glass Of Water And Don’t Be In A Rush

While you sleep, your body loses water even if you don’t sweat. There are days when you feel absolutely parched from the moment you wake up and that is absolutely normal. Keep a glass of water on your bedside table so that you are able to rehydrate and allow your body to begin the slow awakening of your senses. It also gives your metabolism a boost to start your day with a glass of tepid water, and that’s definitely a welcome bonus.

Drinking water first thing in the morning wakes up your senses slowly.

Another thing that you should avoid doing is jolting right up on your bed and jumping right into action mode. This is a surefire way of getting your blood rushing and using too much of the energy that you gained from sleep. Instead, set your alarm a few minutes prior to the time that you’re really supposed to wake up to give you some headway before starting about with the hustle and bustle of being alive. Set your alarm clock a safe distance from you where it would be within easy reach yet will give you enough of that much needed stretch to wake up your senses. Also, avoid reaching for your phone and checking for messages. Nothing gets you into auto-reaction mode better than seeing urgent emails and notifications from friends and co-workers, so giving yourself some time to truly wake up is a great way of ensuring that you’re really ready to tackle on the day because you know you had enough time to really relish that good night’s sleep that you just had.

Starting With A Workout and A Good Breakfast

One way to ensure that you get the workout you need for the day and to give yourself a surprising energy boost is to start your day with a workout. Spending the first few minutes of your day will allow your body to have time to warm up before you jump into the things that need your attention. Doingyoga is a great way of jumpstarting your day because it allows you to relish in the slow pull of your muscles stretching and in allowing your blood to start flowing in all parts of your body. It gives you time to focus on yourself and in appreciating what you are capable of doing. It not only gives you a much needed energy boost, it also gives you time to enjoy the crisp morning air and the simple joy of having some quiet before heading out to work.

Starting your day with a healthy meal is another way of making sure that your body is fuel-ready for your daily grind. Filling yourself with nutrient dense food and a well-balanced meal will give you an extra energy boost that will not only help in keeping you going for the first stretch of your day, it will also help you in maintaining your focus and concentration on the tasks ahead. You don’t necessarily have to eat before leaving the house if that’s not something you’re comfortable with; however, you should at least have healthy food options within reach for when you go hungry the moment you step out of your home. This will not only save you money, it will also reduce the chances of you dropping by a drive-through window for a quick snack that’s high in calories but low in nutritional value.If you’re followingIntermittent Fasting, breaking your fast with a nutrition-packed meal is a good way of ensuring that you will continue to have good energy source for the rest of the day.

A good workout allows blood flow that gives you a boost of energy to start your day with

Starting your day wit a nutrient-packed meal also helps ensure that you will have an efficient energy source for the day

Setting The Tone Of Your Day

Before you start working on the day’s number one agenda, it’s best to determine what that agenda is and what you will be doing after. The one thing you should do at the beginning of each day is to plan out your activities and have a checklist of the things that you need to accomplish vs the things that you want to make time for. It’s easy to jump from one order of business to another and lose track of time, so much so that by the end of the day, you’ll be left wondering if you’ve actually covered enough ground or if you missed something out.

Planning your day and having a checklist helps you keep track of the things that you intend to do and makes the day less stressful

Setting the tone of your day by having a planner by your side is a lot more helpful than you realize. By plotting out the events that you know are most likely to fill up your day, you’re able to see which parts can allow you some time for a breather and which moments will actually be jam packed with activities. It also serves as a guide for the number of things that you need to accomplish so that you won’t have to second guess yourself at the end of the day. It serves as a reminder of your accomplishments, of goals met, and of things that you need to do over the following day. It also helps to plan your day so that you’re able to synchronize activities in order to make the rest of your day more time and energy efficient.

Preparing For The Daily Grind

Now that you’ve energized and revitalized yourself, it’s time to really jump in and work on the things that you have on your plate. By ensuring that your morning starts off in a high note, you’re able to ensure greater productivity in the things that you want to accomplish for that day. The 24-hours in a day that we have may not seem like enough for us sometimes because we have so many things that we need and want to do, but planning ahead and managing our time wisely can help us feel more accomplished and can help us see through all the things that we want to get done.