March 20, 2019 5 min read

Eating a lot and still losing weight? Seems like a dream, right? Fortunately, there is a diet that allows you to eat with gusto without making you gain weight and that it in fact can help you lose the weight that you’ve been trying to get rid off in the past. What is it? It’s volumetrics diet.

What Is The Volumetrics Diet?

The volumetrics diet involves eating food that are high in quantity but has low caloric value. It focuses on keeping a person feeling full and satisfied with a meal that consists of food that meets dietary requirements yet does not contain high levels of calories. It’s a long term diet plan that helps you in losing weight sustainably, meaning no crash diets and no fluctuating weight gain and weight loss. It encourages you to be more mindful of what you eat and to plan ahead so that what you eat has the true value that you need in order to feel satisfied and nourished.

Dr. Barbara Rolls, creator of the volumetrics diets, believes that if you eat food with low-energy density and high water content, the satisfaction that it will give you will leave you feeling less deprived and more enthusiastic about pursuing the diet because you don’t feel as if you’re not getting enough of the food that you want. The diet is highly dependent on finding the right food options that you truly enjoy and sticking with them in order for you to fully enjoy the perks of going on the Volumetrics diet. Dr. Rolls also believes that staying full using these low-density, high water content food, is the key to staving off excess weight and the key to keeping them off. When you are able to eat freely without feeling the need to control what you eat and how much you eat, then weight loss will become more natural and the process will feel less forced.

A hearty bowl of fresh tomato soup is a welcome thing while on the Volumetrics Diet

How Do You Follow Volumetrics Diet?

The level of effort required to make your volumetrics diet journey successful is relatively low compared to other diet plans because there are only two things that you really have to be mindful about: awareness of what you’re eating and planning ahead of time. High-calorie food items are easier to access, or so most people think, because they are often the ones that are made ready to eat or are the ones that are usually available for sale in groceries and restaurants. Knowing how much calories are really in your food and how filling they are in the long-term is valuable in doing the diet.

Choosing a bowl of salad over pizza is the healthier choice because of the many health benefits that sa bowl of salad has to offer

A whole bowl of garden salad with dressing has fewer calories in it than an entire pizza, and while the pizza may seem heavier and more filling, the salad actually offers a lot more in terms of health benefits such as dietary fibers and digestive enzymes, along with the other vitamins that you can get out of the ingredients that are included in the salad itself. Cooking and preparing your own food also helps in embedding mindfulness in the types of food that you eat and in how nutrient dense it is without having to wonder if the calories are more than what you should actually eat.

In order to lose 1 lb of fat, you will need to have a deficit of 3,500 calories from your diet. This is taken as a whole from the activities that you do and the food that you eat. This is especially helpful for those who would like to monitor their success rate in doing the volumetrics diet because knowing how much calories they can derive from food is crucial in making their weight loss journey fruitful. Counting your calories through the food that you eat and choosing to go for food items with high nutrient content that are fulfilling and low in calories is a surefire way of making your volumetric diet work its magic for you. With the added calorie burning impact of working out, your journey towards weight loss is almost guaranteed to be successful.

Food Allowed In The Diet

Dr. Rolls suggests that you categorize your food into four groups, namely: food that you can eat on a regular basis with no restrictions, food that you can consume within reasonable portions, food that you can eat a small portion of, and food that you can consume sparingly - if none at all.

The diet entails that you eat three full meals per day, with two snacks between each meal, and a single room for dessert. It also requires that you include a 30 to 60 minute workout routine on a regular basis to amplify the benefits of the diet. Because the diet allows you to eat the food permitted within the dietary constraints, there won’t be a need to worry about whether you’ll have enough energy to sustain you during a workout session.

The importance ofcooking your own food and planning your meals ahead of time is crucial so that you can ensure that the food that you truly enjoy are within the parameters of the diet and one that will definitely allow you to splurge on good food. Being mindful of the food you eat and knowing its value is one of the key components that you should keep in mind when you plan the food that you will buy and prepare as part of your diet.

Is This The Diet Plan For You?

The volumetrics diet is comparatively low in terms of demands and rigor. Planning your meals and preparing them are probably the only tedious part of the diet. While other diets may restrict you from eating only specified food items, this diet only entails mindfulness of the quality of your food. Your body requires nourishment and you can get that nourishment from food that you also truly enjoy without feeling deprived of anything.

Consider the volumetrics diet as something you might want to try if you’re looking for a diet plan that does not restrict the amount of food that you eat and instead, one that allows you to have your fill of as much good food as you want. The journey of living healthy and clean living will always be a work in progress: one that you will not be able to perfect in a single go and one that will continually evolve and improve over time. This diet may help you in attaining the goals you have for your body and for your health, and it may be the partner that you’ve always needed and wanted in your healthy lifestyle journey.

Enjoy that bowl of salad with zero guilt