December 12, 2018 6 min read

The Whole30 diet is just another diet fad - or is it? What does the Whole30 diet consist of and what are the benefits that you can get by going into this rigorous diet?

The Whole30 Diet

The Whole30 diet plan excludes food that can potentially cause inflammation in the body. These food are known to trigger reactions from the body which includes, but are not limited to, feeling bloated, having your skin break out, or feeling an overall sense of being weighed down. The purpose of the diet is to detoxify your body from the possible allergens that resides in your body and then slowly reintroduce the food items that you eliminated in your diet to see how they affect you physically and physiologically.

The Whole30 diet requires that you remove products made from soy, dairy, grains, and legumes from your diet, as well as alcoholic beverages, processed food, artificially sweetened beverages, and refined sugar. The diet focuses on whole foods that include meat, poultry, seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and some vegetable oils. The diet is meant to be done for 30 days and you should feel the difference in how you feel within those 30 days.

The Whole30 Diet is a 30-day commitment to eating clean and healthy.

Benefits of Going on The Whole30 Diet

Better Sleep because your body has gotten used to using all the energy that you receive from food and in using these energy sources optimally, it will become easier to sleep. Not only that, you are also more likely to stay in deep sleep longer which is great news because it is in deep sleep that your body is able to release human growth hormones and it is also when your body is able to heal itself and repair whatever has been damaged throughout the day.

You sleep better and feel more energized while on the Whole30 Diet.

Increased Energy as is always the case when you go on a diet that’s balanced and that involve sugar and empty calories, you will feel more energized and less sluggish. This is because your body now has the right fuel that it needs to function properly. When you eat a diet that feeds your body’s nutritional requirements and provides the energy that it needs from sources that has value other than carbohydrates, your body will feel less weighed down. The sluggish feeling you get from eating food that contains sugar and high levels of unnecessary carbohydrates is a result of your body making the extra effort to digest and store them.

Lesser Incidence of Bloating because your body no longer has access to food that may cause allergic reactions and inflammations in the body. A lot of people have undiagnosed gluten-intolerance, while some may have sensitivities to legumes or dairy that causes bloating and a general feeling of being unwell. Sugar also has the same effect of causing the body to be inflamed because it can be difficult to digest - especially table sugar or refined sugar - and may cause you to have gas problems and an upset stomach. When you detoxify your body from these triggers, you will naturally feel better.

Increased Water Intake when you eliminate sugar-filled beverages from the drinks list, you will realize just how thirsty you are for the simplicity of water. Water is an incredibly important beverage because not only does it contain zero calories, it actually helps in ensuring that the body’s functions are going smoothly. It helps in detoxifying your body from impurities and toxins that may be lurking in your system, and it keeps you hydrated and refreshed for a much longer time compared to when you drink sodas or unnatural fruit juices.

You avoid bloating and get to drink more water when you follow the Whole30 Diet.

Determining What Triggers Your Body after the 30-day detox that your body will go through with the Whole30 diet, you can slowly reintegrate the food that you have eliminated in your diet and see how they affect you. By slowly and individually adding these food items into your diet, you are able to pinpoint which ones has the most adverse effect on you physically, which ones can trigger an allergic reaction, and which ones can affect your physiological balance that can lead you to feeling more stressed or anxious. Because your body has been rebooted, in a manner of speaking, it will be easier to see how certain foods affect you which in turn makes it easier to reduce your intake of them or to permanently avoid consuming them.

The Whole30 Diet enables you to determine what food items can trigger an allergic reaction and encourages healthy eating habits and food choices.

It Encourages Healthy Eating Habits although the diet is meant to be done for only 30 days, you will feel by the end of it that you actually enjoyed the process and that you still have food cravings - it’s just that you’re craving for healthier food now compared to before you did the diet. Because the diet makes you aware of how good your body feels when you eat the right kinds of food and how terrible it feels when you eat certain food items, particularly high calorie low nutrient food, you will subconsciously choose that which makes you feel better in the long term. While you get to enjoy some of the food you have eliminated while on the diet, you will also learn that you enjoy feeling healthy a lot more than you enjoy binging on your favorite treat.

Whole30 Diet Versus Paleo Diet

While both diets are focused on the elimination of trigger foods from the diet, the Whole30 diet is a lot more restrictive and is meant to be done for only the 30-day time period. If you intend to do it again, you would have to wait a while before restarting again because it is meant to be a detox diet more than it is meant to be a lifestyle diet. The Whole30 diet is also focused on eating more plant-based food items, and requires moderate consumption of proteins and fat.

While both diets are focused on promoting and encouraging a diet made of whole foods that are unprocessed, the paleo diet is intended to be a lifestyle diet that you can continue to do for an extended period of time.The paleo diet is also more focused on grass-fed and sustainable protein sources, and it tends to consume more protein and fat, and is more dedicated to making the lifestyle not so restrictive that you would not be able to maintain the commitment you’ve put into it.

Things To Note Before You Embark On Your 30-Day Journey

While the diet is restrictive in terms of the food that you eat, it does not do away with the nutrients that your body needs. It allows you to look closely at the food choices that are laid out in front of you and it expects you to make an informed decision about these food items to make you realize why they are good for you. The diet also makes you understand why you feel a certain way after eating and how you can fix this as you go along in the diet. It’s only for 30 days and that’s 30 days that you will feel invigorated and renewed.

The thing with this diet is that you need to plan ahead and to ensure that you are able to commit to it by preparing your meals ahead of time and eliminating possible temptations that might make the process a lot more difficult, especially in the beginning. When you first do this diet, you will feel a certain energy slump especially once your body goes into sugar withdrawal mode because you have been used to getting energy boosts from sugar. When you get past this initial slump, you will slowly feel the benefits of the detoxification process that your body is going through and you will most assuredly love how it makes you feel.

Planning ahead contributes greatly to the success of the diet.

As with any lifestyle and fitness journey, it takes dedication and a desire to actually see things through to the end. The Whole30 diet will not only test how your body reacts to food, it will also test your determination and willpower to eliminate some of the things you used to love in favor of better health. This is the best time to establish a renewed alliance between your mind and body to always choose what’s right because it is only when you have full control of your choices that you can stay committed and focused, and it is only then that you can reap the full benefits of the choices that you have made.