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The older we get, the stronger we should strive to be. As our muscles start to lose some of the strength that we have grown accustomed to having, and as our endurance becomes slower than usual, it should be our natural inclination to work harder to keep them at tip top shape. This is where working out begins to take a more stellar and prominent role in our lives.

Sixty And Enjoying Life

Gone are the days when turning the big 6-0 would mean the end of your daily life as you know it. Careers slow down, retirement parties are thrown, and days have suddenly become filled with an emptiness that you aren’t quite used to. So what better way to fill up your days than to find activities that are fulfilling? Activities that will allow you to do more things now that you have reached the age of new found freedom?

Filling your days with meaningful activities that you will enjoy is one of the best ways to transition from your normal 9-5 grind, to a routine that is more to your liking. It’s your chance to take on the classes you never found the right time for, it’s time for you to engage in activities that will make you more energized and ready to take on the new challenges that comes with this new territory. One of the things that you can do is to take on a new workout routine that will allow you to enjoy all of the things that world has to offer you anew.

Explore new things and see the world in a different light

Working Out And Feeling Great

As we grow older, our body functions have a tendency to slow down and change. Over the years, our metabolism may slow down, our muscles may become weaker, and our bones may become less dense. But if we engage in physical activities that will allow us to continue to develop them and make them stronger, it will be a great energy and moral booster for us as we progress in this new phase in our lives. It’s not the end if it’s the beginning of something new and exciting.

Working out helps you feel better and gives you more energy to do the things that you love but didn't have much time to accomplish before

The best way to get into a routine is to make sure that you can commit to it. Planning your day may be a bit more challenging when you feel like there’s nothing much to do, but setting the tone of your day with working out in mind will allow you to have more structure on how the rest of your day will be. Getting your blood pumping at the beginning of each day with a workout routine is one of the best ways to jumpstart your day and give you that boost you need to accomplish more things and have that fresh and positive outlook that will carry you through all the things that you have lined up. It’s also a great opportunity for you to meet new people or to reconnect with friends who are also emerging from the work force and into the world of freedom that being sixty affords you. Gone are the days when you’re drowned with responsibilities from work and from your day to day activities growing and nurturing your family. This time, it’s about you and it’s about time that you do the things that will help make you feel great and truly alive once again.

Workout Options You Can Enjoy

Working out does not necessarily mean that you have to put yourself through strenuous activities just to get the sweat and muscles that you need to in order to plough through your new lifestyle with renewed vigor. Working out means allowing your blood to circulate well through your body and pump you up for the rest of the day.

Yogais a mind and body workout that allows you to reinvigorate your strength, improve your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, and also allows you to take a moment for yourself.Yoga is the kind of exercise that will allow you to loosen your tight muscles while strengthening them by making them more elongated and firmer - something that is incredibly important in order to protect your bones from injury. It also allows you to address your feelings of anxieties, gives you a clearer mind, and helps you focus on the good things instead of dwelling on the stresses of life. It’s the kind of workout that you can do anywhere and enjoy any time.

Aerobic Exercisescan get your heart pumping and your body moving. It allows you to burn excess fat and to keep your cardiovascular system in tiptop shape. Aerobic exercise, such as jogging and cycling, agitates your body allowing it to use the glycogen stored in your muscles to be used as energy which aids in weight loss in reducing water retention in the body. It’s also a great way starting your day with a good amount of sweat and a breath of fresh air from running outside and seeing the sceneries in your neighborhood that you may have taken for granted in the past. Aerobic exercises also helps increase your endurance and improve the capacity of your lungs to take in deeper breaths, allowing more oxygen to flow into your body.

Yoga is a mind and body workout that you can do anywhere

Aerobic exercises is a fun and enjoyable way of sweating it out as you bask in the sun and enjoy the fresh air

Calisthenicsis a resistance training workout that makes use of your body weight to provide the resistance that your body needs in order to build functional muscles that you can use for your day to day activities. Calisthenics is a workout that you can do anywhere and which has been proven effective in creating muscles that are elongated, flexible, and has the capacity to move with much ease and with minimal effort. This is especially helpful for those whose bone density may have decreased over the years because the development of functional muscles and ease of mobility can protect the body from injuries that can stem from over extension of limbs or sudden movements.

Calisthenics workouts are a great way of maintaining muscle mass while improving flexibility and strength

Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that improves balance to help prevent injuries and it also helps alleviate body aches and pains

Tai Chiis a form of martial arts and workout routine that helps you develop your balance and allows you to move your body in a free flow that helps address pain from osteoporosis or arthritis. As we age, it is incredibly important for us to improve our balance because the injuries that we may sustain if we fall may cause severe damage due to the decrease in our bone density. Tai Chi also removes stiffness from the body and allows you to relax every part of your body in order to reach a feeling of peace and tranquility that can contribute to better sleep. Tai Chi has proven to reduce the risks of falling because it teaches awareness of the body and awareness of movement, and it also keeps your body used to movement. Constant mobility is important in retaining muscle strength and in allowing the body to retain its functionality no matter what the activity may be.

Making The Most Out Of Your Day

Minimal workout is key to a good long and healthy life, no matter what age you may be. A good 15-30 minute workout routine each day will allow you to to keep your strength and to actually build on it as your workout routine progresses. Taking care of your health and fitness should be your top priority because it is quite literally the best investment that you can do for the long term.

Entering the phase of your life where you have more time in your hands is a great way of balancing all the things you have been wanting to do for the past years and adapting to the new routines that you will be creating for yourself. It’s a wonderful time for self discovery and it is the perfect time to renew your commitment with yourself. Explore, enjoy, and live like you’ve never lived before.

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