Maple Raisin Cereal

A low (natural) sugar, low carb, paleo and delicious breakfast cereal

Only 3g sugar per serving, 5 net carbs

We combine our sprouted, organic nut and seed mix with just a smidge of our organic maple syrup from Vermont, ground cinnamon and a handful of organic California raisins.   

Our favorite ways to eat it

Top a paleo pancake, sprinkle it on your gluten free oatmeal, douse it in your favorite almond milk to savor the wonderful flavors provided by this pure grainless goodness. 

Our maple raisin cereal is sold by the pound and comes in an environmentally friendly stand up with a resealable zipper.    

Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds*, Pepitas*, Sprouted Almonds*, Maple Syrup*, Walnuts*, Sprouted Cashews*, Unsweetened Coconut*, Raisins*, Cinnamon*, Sea Salt.

*= Organic