Grain Free Granola Bites

Lark Ellen Farm is the only company that makes Grainless Goodness - organic, grain free products made from sprouted nuts and seeds.  
Our processes create the most nutrient dense, healthy and crunchy grain free cereal and grain free snacks. 
Learn more about the benefits of enjoying sprouted nuts and seeds 

Enjoy the World’s Best Grain Free Cereal

Welcome to Lark Ellen Farm, where we hand craft grain free granola bites in the United States. Our grain free granola bites are chosen by people all over for their incredibly satisfying crunch, unique flavors, and healthy and nutritious qualities. Use our granola bites as grain free cereal, as snacks on the go, or just as a satisfying meal. Have some fun and experiment with them as there are many ways to enjoy our products.

Our granola bites are perfect for eating on your commute, in the car, or at the office. So many of our customers enjoy them as snacks, toppings and cereals… there really is no single way to eat them! And with their giant crunch, these grain free granola bites are much fun to munch. Check them out below!

Lark Ellen Farm is famous for our big, crunchy grain-free granola and cereal bits that are so easy to enjoy anywhere, any time. The texture and mouth-pleasing feel of our granola bites make them truly one of a kind. And that’s not to mention the incredible flavor, with varieties like our Vanilla Cinnamon granola bites, our Berrylicious Grain Free Granola Bites, our Caco Cherry, and of course our world famous Pumpkin Fig grain free granola bites.

We are the only company in the world that creates Grainless Goodness. That means that our organic, grain free products are made from sprouted nuts and seeds, which helps results in grain free cereal and granola bites that are more nutrient dense, more full of healthful properties and simply more delicious.

As a female owned, California located company, we believe in being kind to ourselves, and our bodies. That empathy is reflected in the inspirational quotes you will find—and hopefully enjoy as much as we do—on the bottom of every bag of our Grain Free Granola Bites. It’s important to live every day, not just healthfully, but joyously as well, as Lark Ellen Farms is proud to help play a small part in that for so many different folks around the world.

Of course, since being a responsible food producer is our guiding concern, Lark Ellen Farm is a 100% vegan facility, certified by the USDA as Organic and verified a non-GMO facility, and we never allow gluten products in our facility. Unlike other grain free granola companies, we don’t use honey in our products, and all of our sweeteners are completely vegan, like our pure organic maple syrup and our organic orange juice.

Located in the beautiful Ojai valley of California, Lark Ellen Farm is so proud to help provide meaningful jobs and opportunities for American workers. Order our grain free granola bites and grain free cereal right here online, and Contact Us anytime if you’re interested in adding our growing line up of organic products to your wholesale inventory. We’d love to connect!

Remember to Feed Your Body to Feed Your Soul! Thanks for visiting Lark Ellen Farms, your home for grain free granola bites and so much more!