Dairy Free Granola & Breakfast

If you’ve committed to a dairy free lifestyle, and are searching for the finest dairy free granola and breakfast snacks available, we’d like to welcome you to Lark Ellen Farm. Shop our selection below.

Dairy Free Granola

We are a completely vegan business, meaning no animal products of any kind, especially dairy, is used in our granola. Our dairy free granola is created especially for those who are looking for the finest granola available. With our unique production processes, which include sprouting our nuts and drying them with dehydrators instead of ovens, our granola is the crunchiest and most flavorful dairy free granola you’ll find.

Dairy Free Breakfast

There’s no better way to start your day than with a dairy free breakfast that includes Lark Ellen Farm granola. Use our dairy free granola as a cereal, use it as a topping, or just use it as an on-the-go snack. Because our granola bites are so big, they’re easy to eat anywhere, even on the bus or train.

Dairy Free Snacks

When you get snacky, reach for Dairy Free Granola from Lark Ellen Farms. With its unique flavors and crunchy texture, our Granola will satisfy your cravings all day long. More than a snack, our dairy free granola is a healthy way to get the nutrition and enzymes that your body needs and deserves. Thanks for stopping by our Dairy Free Granola page and for choosing Lark Ellen Farms to be part of your healthy journey.