Recognizing the goodness in us all 


Goodness is a worthy cause.  

Every day people make decisions and take actions that cause goodness to grow. Their actions are like pebbles in a pond: one small stone can cause an endless ripple. Neighbors who watch your home while you are gone, friends who care

for you while you are sick, someone who pays it forward at the grocery store. All of this is goodness and 

we want to recognize it and share it.  

At Lark Ellen Farm we craft foods that nourish your body and we recognize those people who nourish your soul. 

Kelley Colleen 
Founder,  Lark Ellen Farm

How it works

Every week we recognize one person who has spread goodness.   
It doesn't have to be an extraordinary act, just that it had an impact.   

The person being recognized will receive a free bag of our grainless goodness, 

a note of thanks, coupons and a call out on social media.   

Sharing the goodness is just that simple.  Nominate someone today.