Grain Free Trail Mix

Lark Ellen Farm is proud to offer a wide range of trail mixes, including unique flavors like our Sweet and Salty, our Cumin and our Ojai Caliente. You’ve never tasted organic trail mix like this before! Take a look at our amazing selection below.

Healthy Trail Mix

Trail Mix is such a healthy and delicious snack… it’s no wonder people all over the world choose it. At Lark Ellen Farms, our mission is to provide the most unique, nutritional, and healthful trail mix the world has ever seen. To make that possible, we choose to produce our trail mix in a few unique ways:

  1. We sprout all of our nuts and seeds. That ensures that all of the nutrients are preserved for your body, instead of getting lost in the production process.
  2. We use warm air to dry our nuts and seeds instead of baking them, so all the beneficial enzymes remain in our trail mixes.
  3. Our unique preparation methods give our mix a big, satisfying crunch that you won’t find in other healthy and low carb trail mixes.
  4. We are USDA certified organic, so you can be sure there are no pesticides or other nasty surprises in our organic trail mixes… so wholesome goodness from Mother Nature!
  5. Our entire farm is vegan… so no moo-moo’s here, and no oink-oinks there down on Lark Ellen Farm.

Questions about our healthy trail mix? Contact us anytime – we can’t wait to talk with you. Looking for trail mix wholesale opportunities? Let us know, we’re ready to help!

Organic Trail Mix

We’re on a mission to create the world’s best organic trail mix. To do that, we only use natural sweeteners, like organic orange juice from Florida, organic limes, and sumptuous maple syrup. We’re also proud to be a gluten free facility, with every product we make meeting the gluten free standards. One bite of our organic trail mix, and you will be sure to taste the difference!

Low Carb Trail Mix        

Committed to a low carb life style? You’ll love our trail mix, which has only 5 net grams of carbs per bag. What a delicious and filling snack to help you get through the day, or help you get ready for a workout, a run, a hike, or just a day on the walking trail. Check out our entire selection of low carb trail mixes right here at Lake Ellen Farm. And don’t forget to check out our other low carb options, like our low carb granola and our low carb snacks. Thank you for choosing us and allowing us to be part of your low carb journey toward holistic health. Remember… Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul!