Lark Points

Who Can Use/Earn Lark Points?

Any Lark Ellen Farm customer with an account can use Lark Points. In fact, you get 100 Lark Points just for signing up!

What are Lark Points?

 Lark Points is our way of saying thank you to our customers. They are points that you earn when you shop on our website, follow us on social media, and earn as a birthday gift! You can turn these in for discount codes to add to your order. 

Where Can I Access Information About My Lark Points?

You can access information on your Lark Points at any time while on our website! There is always a “Rewards” button in the bottom right-hand corner of our website. 

When Can I Use Lark Points?

You can use Lark Points at any point in time as long as you have enough points. Keep in mind that you cannot stack discounts. This means you cannot use Lark Points with another discount code or use Lark Points with an auto renewal order.

How Can I Use Lark Points?

You can turn them in for discount codes that will give you a certain amount of money off your order. Click the button in the bottom right hand corner labeled "Rewards" to see!