Non-GMO Granola & Cereal

Lark Ellen Farm is a non-GMO business, proud to provide the finest non-GMO cereals and snacks you’ll find. Our foods are as delicious as they are nutritious, providing a uniquely satisfying flavorful crunch that you won’t find anywhere else.

Non-GMO Cereal

Our commitment to you begins with our promise to create all of our cereals… and all of our products… completely free of genetically modified organisms. We believe that cereals should be eaten just the way that good ol’ Mother Nature intended… whole, without alterations or distortions. Our non-GMO cereals are available to be purchases right here, online, or at select retailers throughout the country.

Here’s how we create our GM free cereals

  • We sprout our nuts, which is a unique production process that many of the other granola companies skip. Sprouting nuts allows us to create cereal with unique flavors and denser nutritional content.
  • We blow dry our food, instead of baking it in high temperature ovens. That preserves the enzymes that your body needs, instead of cooking it away
  • Deliciousness comes along with the nutrition. Our unique preparation techniques result in non-GMO cereals that are crunchy, bite-sized, and pack with amazing flavor that really pops.

Non GMO Snacks

Find an amazing choice of non GMO snacks right here at Lark Ellen Farms. Our snacks are the perfect way to satisfy your cravings throughout the day, in a healthy and organic way. Choose granola bites, trail mixes, and so much more, available in incredible flavors like Vanilla Cinnamon, Cacao Cherry, Pumpkin Fig and other great choices.

Thanks for visiting Lark Ellen Farms. Our goal is to be your choice of providers for non-GMO food items, like granola and snacks. We are so proud to say that we are certified organic by the USDA, which means there’s no chance of pesticides slipping into our food, even during the production process. We are also completely vegan, with no animal products used at all. Every single one of our items is prepared and packaged by hand, in California, so we proudly support American jobs and opportunities for our fellow Californians. And, as a female owned and operated company, we hold kindness as one of our core business values. Look on the bottom of the bag of your non-GMO cereal to find an inspirational saying and phrase that we hope brings you happiness and serenity throughout the day. Thanks for visiting Lark Ellen Farms… and remember to Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul!