Paleo Granola

If you’re committed to the Paleo diet and lifestyle, you’ll love Lark Ellen Farm. Our delicious granolas, trail mixes and snacks are the perfect food for your paleo meals… especially breakfast! Our Paleo Granola is ideal for helping you realize the benefits of a paleo diet, including improved nutrition, higher energy, improved digestive health and so much more. All of the granola at Lark Ellen Farm is made using the traditional and ancient methods that you seek… without grains, without GMO’s, without modern contraptions.

What Makes Paleo GranolaDifferent?

Folks really love using our paleo compatible granola as stand alone meals, as toppings for their breakfasts, or just as a snack on the go. Because our granola clusters are bigger, heartier, and crunchier than the puny little granolas made by the other guys, they make it easier to maintain your paleo diet, whether you’re commuting, traveling for the weekend, or just munching out at home.

Designed to be Different

Since the beginning, Lark Ellen Farm has created its paleo foods to be a little bit different from the rest. To start, we sprout all of the nuts that we use in our food. This unique and traditional preparation process helps preserve all of the enzymes and nutrients in our granola and trail mixes. Because we figure if Mother Nature put them in, it’s up to use to make sure we don’t do anything to take them out!

Those other granola companies bake their mixes in high temperature oven. That cooks away much of the nutrition. At Lark Ellen Farm, we gently blow dry our food during preparation, to ensure you eat it exactly the way nature intended. Plus, this process gives our paleo granola a totally hearty and crunchy texture, so it’s even more satisfying and even more crunchalicious.


Find A Variety Of Paleo Snacks

Looking for unique and flavorful paleo snacks? Look no further. Lark Ellen Farms carries trail mixes that are a great way to stay paleo all day. Our trail mixes come in flavors like Cumin and Ojai Caliente, and are easy to grab and go with. Like all of our foods, our paleo snacks are totally organic and completely soy free.

The USDA has certified Lark Ellen Farm as a 100% non-GMO facility, meaning that all of our products, and our food preparation processes, are compatible with the time-honored food making traditions that are so important to the paleo diet.

Want more snacking possibilities? Grab a bag of our granola… so many of our customers keep some by their desk, at home, or in the car. It’s a great way to power up your paleo snacking potential!

Paleo Breakfast Possibilities

Our granola is a great solution for paleo breakfasts. Skip the bagels, the waffles, and all the other modern monstrosities and power up your morning with granola made from nuts so fresh they could have fallen right off the tree.

Grab some of our granola for breakfast, or snag a handful of our trail mixes. In addition to being delicious, our foods are inspirational… there’s a motivating phrase, quote or saying printed on the bottom of every bag. Because we believe in the core values of kindness, empathy, and spiritual well being, we strive to to support your healthful choices, including choosing a paleo lifestyle.

Plus, as an American based, female owned business, we do everything we can to provide meaningful employment opportunities for our fellow Californians. So commit to a Paleo Lifestyle with Grainless Goodness from Lark Ellen Farm foods! No grains, no artificial flavors, no chemicals. Just crunchy nuts, natural organics, and healthy ingredients. Perfect for every aspiring cave man, woman, or cave baby!

Go Paleo With Lark Ellen Farms!

We believe that good nutrition starts from the inside out. That’s why we’re such big fans of paleo foods, and work so hard to make granola, snacks and breakfast choices that support it. A paleo diet is ideal for losing weight, reducing your risk of disease, and for adopting a more holistic approach to wellness. We want to help you achieve all that… and more.

Lark Ellen Farms is a completely vegan facility, with no soy or animal products used in any of our foods. Old McDonald has nothing on our farm… nestled in the beautiful Ojai Valley of California, close to fresh water and woods. Make our delicious and nutritious foods part of your paleo journey, and remember to Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul!