Soy Free Granola & Breakfast

Grain Free Granola, breakfast and the most delicious soy free foods available anywhere online. Welcome to Lark Ellen Farm, the premier provider of soy free granola in the world. Shop our selection below.

Soy Free Granola

Our soy free granola is the most delicious and nutritious granola you’ll find. Everything on our farm is dairy free and completely vegan, so you can rest assured that your soy free granola is as pure as you like it to be. Plus, we only use natural and organic sweeteners, like pure maple syrup and whole orange juice.

Soy Free Breakfast

Starting your day with a soy free breakfast has never been as crunchy and satisfying as with your unique granola. Our preparation processes, like sprouting our nuts and drying instead of baking, give our granola a texture and satisfying crunch like no other. And our granola is made in big, hearty bites, so it’s easy to eat on the go!

Soy Free Snack Foods

We are dedicated to providing you with the soy free foods you need. We are a female-owned business, based out of the lovely Ojai Valley of California. Our philosophy, Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul, is at the heart of everything we do, and everything we create. Our soy free foods will help you on your journey toward a more healthful and soulful life!