Lark Ellen Farm is Now In Whole Foods Market

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We are excited to announce that Lark Ellen is now in 12 Whole Foods around Southern California. Please check out the list of stores below to find a location near you. The more we can show how much people love our products, the more stores we can expand too.

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Check Out Our Store Locator

New - Whole Food Markets

Thousand Oaks
Santa Barbara
Valencia / Santa Clarita
Northridge (Porter Ranch)
West Los Angeles (National Blvd)
Playa Vista
Pasadena (Arroyo)
El Segundo (Sepulveda)
Los Angeles (3rd & Fairfax)

New Stores In Northern California

Rainbow Grocery (San Francisco)
Village Market (Oakland)
Oliver's Market (5) Stores
Staff of Life (Santa Cruz)
Zanottos (San Jose (4) Stores)
California Fresh Markets
New Frontiers (Central Ca)
San Luis Obispo Co-Op