Handcrafted in a beautiful valley in Southern California

our mission is to create food that you love and 

that is great for you too

At Lark Ellen Farm we believe in being kind to ourselves and each other, and that good health starts from a healthy state of mind. Being a good person, loving yourself, and sharing with others are the best ways to ensure happiness.

Each of our pouches come filled with organic food at its highest state.   Special care is taken to ensure every bite will provide  great nutrition.   We've also included an inspirational quote on the bottom of each bag in the hope that it will feed your body and your soul. 

Enjoying our products will take you back to a time when food was real—when food nourished your body, not harmed it.

Join me on my journey to good health!


Located in the scenic mountains of Southern California, Lark Ellen Farm is nestled in the beautiful Ojai Valley.  Ojai (pronounced O-hi) has for many years been a mecca for those seeking physical and spiritual health. Over the years both young and old have found their way to this serene town just a few miles from the sea near Santa Barbara. At the east end of the valley lies Lark Ellen Farm—a small farm where chickens roam free and fruit, vegetables and herbs grow in abundance.  It is in this setting where a commitment to good health prevails, that our Grain Free Granola was created.


It all began in late 2014 with a 30 day commitment to avoid grains. 

Kelley knew grains and wheat can cause inflammation, so she turned her body into an experiment to see if avoiding them would make a difference for her.  Her digestive system improved, and lifelong chronic pain had vanished but Kelley missed her bowl of morning cereal.  Kelley took to her kitchen to experiment, trying recipes and learning about nutrition like the benefits of sprouting.  

In early 2015 Kelley started selling her creations at the Ojai Farmer's Market, as Ojai Granola Girl, and her  recipes were well-received.   Later that year the name was changed to Lark Ellen Farm.  Today  her children still sell the Lark Ellen Farm products on Sundays.

The Original Lark Ellen

Ellen Beach Yaw (1869-1947) was a soprano known for her extraordinary vocal range. Ellen earned the name "Lark Ellen," because she sang like a song bird. 

She began composing music and singing as a child, and would give concerts to pay for her singing lessons. 

Ellen later studied music in Paris, earned leading roles in operas, and was in high demand as a recording artist.    

Ellen was highly philanthropic devoting herself to charitable pursuits.  She founded the "Lark Ellen League" 

to give concerts in hospitals, homes and jails, and she founded the orphange, Lark Ellen School for boys.  

Her story is a true inspiration, and her legacy is a reminder that we all can use our talents to help others.  

Ellen resided in Southern California, where streets and schools are named after her.  

Lark Ellen Farm was founded on a small farm on Lark Ellen Avenue.