Sprouted & Organic

grainless goodness

You eat well and want to know your food is good for you and that it is made responsibly. 

We have you covered. Our delicious products are made with you in mind. We handcraft our grainless goodness, snacks and granola bites, to give you peace of mind.  


Made from nature's best organic ingredients, sprouted to enhance nutrition, air-dried to a crunchy perfection.

Your body is going to love this!

grain free bites

Sprouted & Organic

Delicious clusters of organic, sprouted nuts and seeds mixed with a smidge of maple syrup. 

Low in sugar & carbohydrates and unbelievably satisfying. 

Trail Blazer 
Nut & Seed mixes

Sprouted & Organic

low sugar cereal 

Sprouted & Organic


Sprouted & Organic


Organic Ingredients

Organic nuts and seeds are soaked and sprouted to enhance their nutritional value, mixed with all natural spices and flavors, and air dried to crunchy perfection.   The result is granola and snacks 

at their highest nutritional value. 

nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are packed with a powerful punch of vitamins, minerals and fatsNuts are high in fat, low in carbs, and a great source of several nutrients, including vitamin E, magnesium, and selenium. 


Sprouting finishes off nature's process of germination. This makes the nutrients in the nuts and seeds more available to our systems and is easier on our digestive system. Sprouting is especially good for people on SCD, Gaps or 

Paleo AIT diets. 

Air Dried

Air drying at a low temperature keeps the nutrients and enzymes alivein the nuts and seeds. Instead of baking at high temperatures, we blow warm air over our product to maintain the nutrient and create 

a tasty crunch.

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A Healthier Life

No Preservatives

Our products are USDA organic certified and contain zero artificial preservatives


Certified organic products are GMO free

High Nutrition Levels

Organic foods generally contain higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins.

Better Taste

Organic foods have a stronger flavor as they will have grown more slowly on a fuller range of nutrients.


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