add life to your shelves

Customers come to your store for healthy and delicious alternatives.  They know you are always on trend and sourcing the best.   Our lively, sprouted and organic line of grain-free granola bites and trail mixes will surely catch their eye and keep them coming back for more 

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Your customers are going to  love us

~ Sprouted & Organic ~

Premium ingredients

We are more than a pretty face. Customers tell us that they first fell in love with our packaging but it is our ingredients that won them over. 

Pure ingredients  like pure organic maple syrup from Vermont.  Swoon. 


Connecting with the food source is  important to customers today.  They love the stories and knowing that their food was made with care.   Our team works hard every day to craft healthy, crunchy bites that customers will appreciate. 

Specially Processed

 Customers love that we take extra care bring our foods to their highest nutritional state.   Sprouting and air drying deliver nutrition packed food with an unbelievable crunch.