Mother Nature has done a great job of building in protective systems for nuts and seeds. She gave them shells, to protect them from the elements, pests and birds, and a protective coating called Phytic Acid. Phytic Acid does a super job of keeping nuts and seeds safe until they can germinate. However, we often come along and harvest these nuts and seeds before they have a chance to fully germinate.

When we consume these ungerminated nuts and seeds the Phytic Acid is still trying to protect the nut and / or seed. This protection prohibits our bodies from being able to fully utilize all the wonderful nutrients and enzymes that nature has provided. Phytic acid can also irritate the lining of our stomachs and bowels.

At Lark Ellen Farm, we soak organic nuts and seeds in a natural brine to break down the acids. We love knowing that when you enjoy our crunchy grain free bites, and trail mixes, you are getting the benefit of the nutrients that nature has intended. Most grain free products on the market today are processed using unsprouted nuts and seeds and are baked at a high temperature which kills off many of the nutrients and enzymes that we have worked hard to make available.  

Instead, at Lark Ellen Farm we utilize dehydration technology to blow warm air over our grain free products to gently air drying them.   This creates a crunchy and nutrient dense product that your body will love you for.