Hello lovely community! Lets talk sprouting. 


First and foremost... what is sprouting?

Sprouting is the process of soaking any seeds, grains, nuts or legumes in water for a period of time, allowing them to sprout and to germinate further enhancing the digestibility of the sprouted grains, nuts and seeds. 


Why is this step important to us? 

Raw nuts and especially raw seeds, contain moderate levels of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. Although all plants contain phytic acids– grains, legumes, nuts and seeds typically contain the highest levels.

Phytic acid is necessary for the plant to stay safe until proper growing conditions are present and germination can occur naturally but it can cause potential health problems in humans. Some of the phytic acid will be broken down through the digestive process, but soaking foods high in phytic acid helps finish natures process and thus allows the foods to be more easily digested by our human systems! 

This step in creating our granola + trail mix + Pate is so important to us. We want to keep things the way nature intended them to be. 


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