Adventure Time

Adventure Time

Our snacks are meant to nourish you so that your incredible body can take you on all the adventures you dream of. Our trial mixes are the perfect balance of protein and important carbs, although we keep it low so everyone can enjoy. 

Living through a pandemic has taught us so much about adventure. We can have adventure in our own homes or we can go to nature and discover new forms of beauty safely and responsibly. 

We are lucky to live in a BEAUTIFUL place surrounded by magnificent natural beauty. Ojai is a agricultural valley dotted with citrus and avocado trees, with towering oaks on every corner. A 20 minute drive has us in Ventura with sprawling beaches and a boat ride to some of the most diverse islands ever! We took our snacks to Santa Cruz Island the other week and it could not have been a more wonderful experience! 

This is why we created LEF. So you could take us with you and make memories. So grab your favorite bag and get going! Tell us all about it when your home! xo 

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