Pâté With Cathryn Fowler

Pâté With Cathryn Fowler

Cathryn Fowler is one of our most beloved humans. She is kind, filled with love and talent that blows us away. She put together simple, fun ways to enjoy all of our Pâté! Enjoy! 

Charcuterie Board with our Original Pâté

Veggie wraps with our Jalapeno Pâté

Sweet Potato Fries with our Jalapeno Pâté

Veggies dipped in our Lemon Rosemary Pâté

Gluten Free pasta and peas mixed with our Lemon Rosemary Pâté


Delicious Peach Salad with our Lemon Rosemary Pâté  as a dressing 


Gluten Free Toast with Original Pâté + Jam + Granola 



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